Coffee Reads of the Week – fiercesome starts

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

web tech: 5 Lessons to Learn from Web Startups by Jolie O’Dell
Your company culture can be fun. Work can be done anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. It’s OK to change your mind. A small risk can return a great reward.

web tech: Project Estimation Using “Use Cases” by Samuel Prasad
As a technology executive and a passionate software engineer I am disappointed at the high rate of project failures in the software industry. According to the 2009 report from the Standish Group, almost 68% of the projects were canceled, delivered late, did not meet product specifications or were over budget. I find this appalling. Is it because many workers in the software industry are incompetent? Well, my guess is that most technology managers tasked with estimating the cost of a project have no experience or training in the use of formal methods based on empirical research to compute the time, cost and resources required by a software project.

business: 4 Lessons from Billionaire College Entrepreneurs by Michael Deane
Find a need and fill it. Think outside of school. Use your school projects for larger goals. Don’t let school get in the way.

entertainment: Our Favorite Vampires by Miss Cellania
To celebrate our new “Team Edvard” shirt, we’re re-running some of our favorite vampire stories this week. Here’s Miss Cellania’s round-up of notable vampires from 2007.

green living: Postscripts from Little Steps Forward by Chit Juan
Going green does not have to be boring. Going green is simply being thoughtful. How will I leave this world much better than when I found it?

women: Women With Balls – Top 10 Fierce Pinays by Amber del Fuego
One great thing about being Filipina is that our society is relatively progressive when it comes to gender equality. Recently, we even beat the US in the World Economic Forum’s list of countries for having one of the smallest gender gaps for women. We are the only Asian country in the top ten list and praised for our “drive for smaller gender gaps in labor force participation and wages.”

entertainment: Lourd de Veyra gets down and dirty with TV5’s Face to Face by Lourd de Veyra
A flying shoe always makes for good show, be it in Iraq or Novaliches. This afternoon, a shoe flew in the direction of Melvin Tiplado, a tricycle driver accused of not returning things absentminded or drunk customers lose inside his vehicle in the dead of night. The shoe’s trajectory sweeps across Amy Perez, the host who protests, “Sandali lang! Sandali lang!” deftly averting premature physical confrontation between the tricycle driver and Joan, a woman in her early 20s. Her story: one night, she left her wallet and cellphone in Mang Melvin’s tricycle.

health & fitness: How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds for Good! by Laurel House
When standing face to face with your naked self in the mirror, do you think “Wow, I look good!” Or no? If you’re anything like the majority of women (and many men), the answer is, “um, no.” So what are you going to do about it?

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Coffee Reads of the Week – at this time and age

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

health & fitness: 9 “harmless” habits that age you
You keep your college bedtime. You have a soft spot for sweets. You’re stressed more often than not. You only exercise to lose weight. You blast your iPod. You never see your girlfriends. You eat veggies but not daily. You’ve shunned all the fat from your diet. You can’t recall when you last had sex.

health & fitness: 7 energy bars that deliver by Maureen Callahan
Spreading a little peanut butter on apple slices may be a healthier way to snack, but nothing beats an energy or protein bar for convenience. Trouble is, there are too many choices. So we munched and crunched numbers to find the best bars, ones that delivered on both taste and nutrition. It’s a tricky business since a bar might offer lots of fiber (really good) and then negate things with trans fats (really bad). And sugars, even dried fruit, do add up. Here are our top picks for when you’re ready to grab-and-go.

relationships: 7 steps for the marriage-minded by Ann Marsh
Post your wish right in your profile. If you want to be courted, let another person email you first. Don’t get physical until you’re sure he’s The One. Date at least three people at a time. Give guys a second – and third – try. Once you find him, don’t be afraid to bring up marriage…and then bring it up again.

health & fitness: methuselah’s mixture by David Stipp
For as long as people have been growing old, they’ve been wishing they didn’t have to. The “Epic of Gilgamesh”, one of the most ancient works of literature, chronicles the eponymous hero’s quest for eternal life. Most religions offer an attenuated version of immortality in which some fuzzily defined soul endures even after the body has died. Medieval alchemists hunted in vain for the rejuvenating Philosopher’s Stone; industrial-age quacks got rich off their patent elixirs. Today, cosmetics companies dance around truth-in-advertising laws to imply that their creams and lotions can keep the years at bay.

technology: 15 developer/hacker to follow on twitter by Jolie O’Dell
While women developers, computer programmers and hackers of all stripes are by far outnumbered by men in their field, they’re hardly nonexistent. They blog, they tweet, and they do fantastic work to keep the Internet afloat. We’ve chosen to highlight 15 reader-recommended tech women here; if you know of others who should be on our radar — specifically women with coding skills — please do let us know about them in the comments section.

career: 7 new skills every worker needs by Rick Newman
Agility. Skill combos. Tacit skills. A broad vision. Analytics. Curiosity. Self-reliance.

health & fitness: simple ways to cook 20 vegetables by Carolyn Malcoun
One in 4 Americans don’t eat the 5 to 13 servings of vegetables and fruit (the number of servings depends on your calorie intake) that you’re supposed to eat every day for optimal health. Probably the excuse I most often hear people give when they say they don’t like vegetables is that they don’t like how vegetables taste. I think it’s partially because those vegetables were overcooked (and mushy—ew) or not prepared in the tastiest of ways.

health & fitness: how coffee can energize your workout by Hanna Dubansky
Match the amount to your body. Track your tolerance. Go by the clock (and calendar). Add fuel to the fire. Consider the source. Don’t sweat dehydration.

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Coffee Reads of the Week – the magician and the future

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

sports: Efren “Bata” Reyes named “Player of the Decade” by US Billiards Media Association
My favorite Pinoy sportsman is hailed as the “Player of the Decade” and man, with all the magic he does, he deserves it!

technology: There Really Is Nothing that Cannot Be Innovated by Hutch Carpenter
One example is the traffic lights, and yes, they can be innovated.

dining & cuisine: Jenny Orillos: 10 Resolutions for Foodies by Jenny Orillos
Let’s sum it up. Eat, don’t diet. Cook an exotic recipe at least once a week. Do a Julie on Julia. Eat something you’ve never eaten before. Overcome a food fear. Expand your repertoire of places to eat. Plant a small garden and harvest your own veggies. Be in touch with the season. Chew slowly. Spruce up your workspace – the kitchen.

technology: Jobs of 2030: Memory Augmentation Surgeon, Waste Data Handler, Narrowcaster by Ariel Schwartz
“The report, commissioned as part of the government’s Science:[So what? So everything] campaign, asked a network of futurists to imagine how advancements in science and technology will shape the job market in 2030. Fast Future ended up with a list of 110 jobs, which were then cut down to 20 top positions. The results might surprise you.”

personal: Why Are You at Work Right Now? by Ben Paynter
Is that still being asked? Kidding aside, this study shows that a 40-hour workweek doesn’t hold true anymore. Check it how it happened and why.

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Coffee Reads of the Week – Google versus China

This sounds like a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon saga to me, eh?

In my special edition of Coffee Reads for the week, I give you a compilation of articles that talk about Google’s decision to leave China (for good?).

From the official Google’s blog, A new approach to China;

At the, For Google, a Threat to China With Little Revenue at Stake by Miguel Helft. In a related news, Follow the Law, China Tells Internet Companies by Andrew Jacobs, and Google Takes a Stand by Nicholas D. Kristof;

At the, A Quick Q and A with a Tracker of the Chinese Internet by Jeffrey Wasserstrom; and Google China History, Timeline of Google’s Biggest China Controversies (PHOTOS);

At NPR, listen to the interview of Melissa Block with Google’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond; and

At and, Yahoo Backs Google in China Decision by the Associated Press; and Censors Back on Google as China defends Internet actions by Jo Kent, Mike Ahlers, Carol Cratty, Jeanne Meserve and Doug Cross as contributors.

My Top Everything of 2009 – iLike!

Here are the things I heart the most in 2009.

1. Social Media/Web 2.0

facebook + twitter

A Good Marriage?

I started with Friendster, and then came Blogger and Multiply few years ago.

This year I came to know Facebook and Twitter, and since then I got hooked!  At the same time, I have become a frequent user of apps like WordPress, Plurk,,, among many others.

the google

Lady Gaga-personified over Google

Of course, the wonders of Google. I am currently relishing Google’s toys like Google Reader, Google Docs, Google Picasa, Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Translate, Google Code, and more. Truly, I have gone gaga over Google in 2009!

Social media is just getting even better.