10 Things I’m Loving Now – chocolates in my bag

Two boys used to go to school together. One of them had a bad habit of stealing the chocolates from his friend’s bag. One day he felt guilty about what he was doing… So he wrote a letter as he didn’t have the courage to confess directly. “I have been stealing your chocolates… I’m sorry for that…’ The other friend smiled reading it, and sent a letter back: “Don’t worry. I know about it… That’s why I keep chocolates in the same place in my bag…’.   – from Paolo Coehlo’s blog

From life’s simple stuff to grandiose pleasures, bring it on!


1. Learning French

JUST CAME ACROSS. FrancoPhil, the 2011 French cultural season in the Philippines, is a play on the word “Francophile,” meaning a lover of French culture, and is a celebration of the ties that bind French and Filipino culture. Click on the image to learn more about this event.

Around two years ago, perhaps out of boredom, I decided to take French classes at Alliance Française de Manille, without any plan as to where and how I can apply what I’d learn. Little did I know that it is going to be a starting point to a rather bigger purpose.

I can’t take away the sly grin after reading my first blog post for the Apprendre la langue Française series. Goal A (write an essay in French) will always entail a battle between character accents and phonetic sounds. I was able to do Goal B (watch a full-length French film) and the film I watched, well, was to vivid for kids to enjoy. I’d just faint on the floor if I couldn’t keep up with Goal C (engage into long conversations in French).

When I am too lazy, I nonchalantly talk back, “Est-ce que vous parlez anglais, s’il vous (super) plâit?” English is still sticking out, apparently.

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Google’s Tribute to our Moms

I’m on a post-celebration mood for Mother’s Day.

Check out this site from Google created for the moms all over.

Click on the image to see it full.

Coffee Reads of the Week – Google versus China

This sounds like a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon saga to me, eh?

In my special edition of Coffee Reads for the week, I give you a compilation of articles that talk about Google’s decision to leave China (for good?).

From the official Google’s blog, A new approach to China;

At the NYTimes.com, For Google, a Threat to China With Little Revenue at Stake by Miguel Helft. In a related news, Follow the Law, China Tells Internet Companies by Andrew Jacobs, and Google Takes a Stand by Nicholas D. Kristof;

At the HuffingtonPost.com, A Quick Q and A with a Tracker of the Chinese Internet by Jeffrey Wasserstrom; and Google China History, Timeline of Google’s Biggest China Controversies (PHOTOS);

At NPR, listen to the interview of Melissa Block with Google’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond; and

At Time.com and CNN.com, Yahoo Backs Google in China Decision by the Associated Press; and Censors Back on Google as China defends Internet actions by Jo Kent, Mike Ahlers, Carol Cratty, Jeanne Meserve and Doug Cross as contributors.

My Top Everything of 2009 – iLike!

Here are the things I heart the most in 2009.

1. Social Media/Web 2.0

facebook + twitter

A Good Marriage?

I started with Friendster, and then came Blogger and Multiply few years ago.

This year I came to know Facebook and Twitter, and since then I got hooked!  At the same time, I have become a frequent user of apps like WordPress, Plurk, Ping.fm, Bit.ly, among many others.

the google

Lady Gaga-personified over Google

Of course, the wonders of Google. I am currently relishing Google’s toys like Google Reader, Google Docs, Google Picasa, Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Translate, Google Code, and more. Truly, I have gone gaga over Google in 2009!

Social media is just getting even better.

remembering our freedom

Any thing we do or anywhere we go, let’s not forget where we are from and what we have fought for.

This video created by a nationally-known film director Mae Paner (thanks Chuck for sharing!) is so far, the most moving national anthem video I’ve seen:

…a reflection piece to trigger a deeper awareness of oneself in relation to the country and encourage the emergence of positive images of the Philippine future.

Thanks also to Google for featuring our national celebration. Two thumbs up!

googles salute to philippines independence day

google's salute to philippine's independence day

Happy Independence Day, everyone!


In commemoration of the Philippine Independence, I can’t let this funny treat just pass by. Well, look what we have. The pinoy heroes and icons came back with a vengeance. Actually they’ve just joined the bandwagon. They’ll be joining us in blogging, FB’ing and tweeting everyone for our cause towards free, peaceful 2010 elections.


welcome to our FB world!