Coffee Reads of the Week – almost yahoo!

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

career: 4 Ways to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market by Katy Marquardt
The Web is usually the first place people go to find a job, and many fill their days blasting resumes in response to online job postings. That’s a classic mistake, says Donald Asher, author of Cracking the Hidden Job Market: How to Find Opportunity in Any Economy, which will be released in December. In this job market, “people have to do something different to find a job,” says Asher. “If they’re simply applying to posted openings, there will always be someone who’s a little more center-of-the-bulls-eye.”

dating & relationships: 5 signs your date can’t commit by Sherry Amatenstein
At first, everything was going great: your date was attentive, caring, and voiced multiple mentions of the “f” word — future. But just as you let your guard down and began allowing yourself to think, maybe this is it, something shifted. Suddenly, your sweetie is hedging about booking that trip for next spring, or even about whether you two should be seeing each other exclusively. What gives? The sad truth is, you’ve been duped by a closet commitment-phobe: someone who thinks he or she is raring for a relationship, but never seems to be able to cross the exclusivity finish line. Could you have avoided the pain of falling for a person incapable of truly loving you back? Yes. Allow us to share the signs that someone, despite visible attempts to appear emotionally available, is actually the owner of a heart that’s closed for business.

fashion & beauty: Does your makeup have a shelf life? by Sophia Panych
We know how much you love that perfect pink lipstick. Or the eyeliner that’s been sharpened down to no more than a nub. But there comes a point when you have to let go and accept the reality that your favorite beauty products eventually become breeding grounds for bacteria. Here’s how to know what’s still good and what’s past its prime.

health & wellness: 10 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much by Chelsea Bush
Regular workouts are supposed to increase your muscle mass and decrease your body fat, right? Well, yes, with a caveat. Some folks ramp it up too much especially when they start a new training regimen to prepare themselves for, say, a grueling marathon or triathlon. (On a side note, I’m rooting for Chilean miner Edison Peña in this Sunday’s New York City marathon. The 34-year-old trained for his first marathon by running up and down the pitch-black tunnels of the mine wearing his boots and headlamp.) Overdoing your workouts can actually lead to diminished strength and increased body fat—your body’s way of begging for a break. While your body can handle a particularly tough workout, as Peña and the other 43,000 marathoners will see on Sunday, it also needs time to recover from the stress overload, says Corey Stenstrup, performance development trainer at IMG Academies. Peña may want to put his feet up for a week or two afterward.

career: 10 Things the HR Department Won’t Tell You by Kimberly Fusaro
If everything’s going smoothly, you probably won’t interact with the folks in human resources much between the day you’re hired and your last day with the company. But every day in between, it’s their responsibility to make sure you’re doing your job well. Which means they know a lot more than you might think. We checked in with human resources experts to see what your current employer is keeping tabs on—and how your next employer could be judging you based on a whole lot more than the résumé you submitted.

health & wellness: The 7 best fat-blasters by Su Reid-St. John
We all have days when there’s no time to get to the gym. So we wondered: Which close-to-home cardio activities blast fat fastest? Wonder no more. Here are the top seven fat-and-calorie burners, from Los Angeles based celeb trainer Ramona Braganza, who has helped shape the amazing bodies of stars like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, and Anne Hathaway. Try any one of these, and you’ll boost your metabolism for up to a whole day afterward. One small workout, one giant payoff.

health & wellness: 8 Ways to Stay Full Longer by Danielle Braff
With post-gym starvation, afternoon slumps and evening noshing in front of the TV, it’s super-easy to think that you need more food—even if you just ate. To help keep your caloric intake within a healthy range, we spoke with experts as well as looked into the latest research to find out how you can stay full longer. Below, eight surprising ways to stave off hunger and, ultimately, unwanted inches.

fashion & beauty: Are facials worth the money? by Angelique Serrano
I got a facial recently. It was two hours long. Yes, you read that right: Two. Hours. Long. And you know what? It was heavenly. I visited Isabelle Bellis in New York City, whose studio looks like a small, cozy apartment. She took me through a few relaxation exercises, massaged my face with products for over an hour, and even put on gloves to massage the inside of my mouth! (Totally bizarre, but oddly soothing.)

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Coffee Reads of the Week – getting social

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

science: How to Get Lucky by Richard Wiseman
Scientific proof that you make your own breaks. For centuries, people have recognized the power of luck and have done whatever they could to try seizing it. Take knocking on wood, thought to date back to pagan rituals aimed at eliciting help from powerful tree gods. We still do it today, though few, if any, of us worship tree gods. So why do we pass this and other superstitions down from generation to generation? The answer lies in the power of luck.

social media: Is your blog the unpopular kid? by Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz
Let’s face it — you never really leave high school. Long after you flip your tassel, there are the same hierarchies, name-calling and swirlies (wait, that might just be us … carry on). The internet realm is no different.

social media: How social media has radically altered advertising by Hank Wasiak
Social Media started out as a bit of a novelty — a playground for the “geekerati.” But it has taken hold as a game changing force that will reshape advertising at its very core.

social media: 5 Ways to Clean up Your Social Media Identity by Zachary Sniderman
There’s an implicit pressure on social media enthusiasts to be connected in more than one way. It’s not enough to have a Facebook page, you need a Twitter account as well. What do you mean you’re not on LinkedIn? Well, at least you have a blog on WordPress or Tumblr, right?

business: 40+ Essential Social Business Resources by Zachary Sniderman
Business and social media are becoming more and more inseparable. Most businesses, from big brands to startups, are expected to have an efficient, developed social media presence.

food: 5 foods people fear and how to get over it by Piper Weiss
Like certain foods, some questions really strike a nerve. A few weeks ago, I asked Shine readers to share their biggest food phobias. Responses poured in by the minute. One person wrote: “eggs = dry heaves” another commented: “Onions — they are slimy & crunchy………..need I say more? They are my food in hell.”

home: 2o secret household cleaners you already own
These 20 money-saving cleaning tips can help solve almost any household cleaning problem. Just shop your pantry for these secret cleaners to disinfect, polish and shine.

business: Ten things they don’t tell you in business school by Brett Nelson
If it ain’t broke, still fix it. If you don’t end up working at Goldman Sachs, Forget what you learned about finance. Take your financial models with an Indiana-Jones-sized boulder of salt. Overpromise and try to deliver. If you don’t know who the sucker is, it’s you. If no one “owns”  a project, it won’t get done. Be clear. Business involves people. Read Forbes. Entrepreneurship better be a labor of love (at least at first).

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Coffee Reads of the Week – before 30s design

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

career: By the time you’re 30, your salary should be P120,000 by Dan Magallanes
YES, you read it right. By the time you reach the age of 30, your salary level should be four times your age. If not, go and check what’s wrong with your career. See a career doctor. Don’t trust your self-assessment.

web tech: How to put Facebook’s “Like” Button on any website by Ben Parr
Facebook’s social plugins, especially its popular “Like” button, have spread across the web like wildfire. They were on 50,000+ websites within one week after launch, on 100,000+ sites in less than a month, and are now on 350,000+ sites.

web tech: 40+ Web Design and Development Resources for Beginners by Brian Casel
It’s no secret that web design is a fast-growing industry. Virtually every type of business is in need of a quality website. There are opportunities at the large agency level down to freelancers developing small-business websites from home.

web tech: 10 Tools for Getting Web Design Feedback by Jacob Gube
For designers, one of the most critical parts of a project is getting critiques and advice on how to improve designs. After all, they create designs that will be used by many other people. Getting an outside perspective helps spot issues and validate design choices.

web tech: How to give your photos a vintage look by Amy-Mae Elliott
Your profile photo is an important part of your online personality, offering a glimpse of you to the wider world. We’ve previously brought you tips for creating the perfect profile pic, and in this post we’ll be looking at some great online services that can help you create a variety of fun, vintage-looking pics for your profile.

health & fitness: 7 Most Effective Exercises Slideshow by Brunilda Nazario, MD
These seven exercises deliver results – whether you do them at a gym or at home. Pay close attention to the form demonstrated by the personal trainer in these slides – good technique is a must for a safe, effective workout. If you’re new to exercise, over 40, have a health problem, or take regular medication, check with your doctor before starting a fitness program.

health & fitness: 10 Things that are ruining your skin by Liz Brody
The Kate Gosselin Effect. Worrying about it. Being Picky. Cheating sleep. Drying out. Lip balm. Tatto remorse. Combo-creaming. Cigarettes.

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Coffee Reads of the Week – name it

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

science: Does your name determine your destiny? by Joseph Brownstein
The idea that our names are intertwined with our destinies goes at least as far back as the book of Genesis in the Bible, when Abram saw his name changed to Abraham, which means “father of multitudes” in Hebrew.

In more recent years, social psychology research has connected people’s names to decisions they make in whom to marry, what street to live on and what they do for a living — all based on how similar the names were to a person’s own name.

love & relationships: “Why I liked his profile” by Kimberly Dawn Neumann
When it comes to online profiles, what is it that captures a woman’s attention — that makes her want to send a wink or an email… or reply to the email you’ve sent? Though different traits appeal to different women, there are certain truths about what works and what doesn’t. With that in mind, we asked several women who’d met someone special online to share their experiences and insights. Learn what wooed these women, and how to apply their lessons when crafting your own “About Me” part of your profile.

 health & wellness: 8 Tricks for Boosting Your Metabolism
Remember how, during your teens and 20s, you could eat practically anything and not gain a pound? Now that you’re hovering around middle age, you’ve probably found that’s just not the case anymore. Part of the problem is that your metabolism decreases as a result of other age-related factors, like decrease in muscle mass. However, there’s no need to give in to a bigger pant size just yet! Read on for eight ways to rev up your metabolism and keep those unwanted pounds from your waistline.

shopping: What are your true colors? The palette that brings out your natural beauty. by Piper Weiss
Just because you love a color, that doesn’t mean it loves you back. The fact is some hues complement your features better than others. A refined makeup palette can enliven your eye color, refine bone structure and reinvent your all-around beauty. Pair your made-up face with a complementary dress and you’re Golden Globe-ready. It’s the kind of classified information relegated to wealthy celebrities, their stylists, and Leatrice Eiseman. As director of the Pantone Color Institute, Eiseman’s job is to consult with industry leaders in fashion, design, and marketing to choose colors that will best enhance their brands. Her expertise also extends to individuals. Eiseman’s “color-time” system uses mother nature to decode flattering palettes for every skin type.

health & wellness: Why Guys Lose Weight Faster than Women and How to Steal their Secrets by Lucy Danziger
Cliche or not, life isn’t fair—especially when it comes to the fact that men lose weight so much faster than women, and usually when they’re trying only half as hard! Seriously, it’s like magic (but more annoying!): A guy will grab his gut, announce that it’s got to go, and—presto!—a month later he’s a slim Jim. Meanwhile, women toil away at the gym for weeks before seeing a 1-pound difference on the scale. What gives? The editors at SELF decided to investigate, and turns out, guys’ slim-down strategies aren’t all that complicated—surprise—and they can work for women, too! Steal these firm-up-fast secrets, and share them with your girlfriends. It’s time to level the slimming field.

love & relationships: 5 viewpoints about soul mates by Barrie Dolnick
We’ve all heard stories about people who lock eyes across a crowded room and know for sure they’ll marry each other. They are soul mates, right? Could be. But that’s not the only way you meet them, and it’s certainly not always instant love. Toss your preconceived notions about soul mates and learn what the experts say. It may surprise you.

careers: 50 Buzzwords You Shouldn’t Use on Your Resume by Karen Burns
You’ve written your resume. You poured a lot of effort into the page that will represent you, and you can’t wait to distribute it far and wide.

Not so fast. Before you send that puppy out, check it for buzzwords. Like “team player.” Or “detail-oriented.” Or “accustomed to fast-paced environments.”

Here’s why you should avoid them: They’re vague. They make your resume look like everyone else’s. They’re probably not among the keywords employers search for. They take up space on your resume that could be used for strong, concrete, specific examples of what you’ve accomplished, the work you’ve produced, and how hiring you would benefit your potential employer. Buzzwords are tired and overused, cliches that have lost their meaning over time.

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Coffee Reads of the Week– face to face

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

management: Project Estimation Using “Use Cases” by Samuel Prasad

According to the 2009 Report from the Standish Group, almost 68% of the project were canceled, delivered late, did not meet product specifications or were over budget.

business: 4 Lessons from Billionaire College Entrepreneurs by Michael Deane

Find a need and fill it. Think outside of school. Use your school projects for larger goals. Don’t let school get in the way.

entertainment: Our Favorite Vampires by Miss Cellania

Here’s a round-up of notable vampires from 2007 in mental floss: Vlad the Impaler, Nosferatu, Count Dracula, Vampira, Barnabas Collins, Count Chocula, Blacula, Elvira, Count von Count, Lestat de Lioncourt, vampire bats.

green living: Postscripts on Little Steps Forward by Chit Juan

Going green does not have to be boring. Going green is simply being thoughtful. How will I leave this world much better when I found it?

entertainment: Women with Balls – Top 10 Fierce Pinays by Amber del Fuego

One great thing about being Filipina is that our society is relatively progressive when it comes to gender equality. Recently, we even beat the US in the World Economic Forum’s list of countries for having one of the smallest gender gaps for women.  We are the only Asian country in the top ten list and praised for our “drive for smaller gender gaps in labor force participation and wages.”

entertainment: Lourd de Veyra gets down and dirty on TV5’s Face to Face by Lourd de Veyra

A flying shoe always makes for good show, be it in Iraq or Novaliches. This afternoon, a shoe flew in the direction of Melvin Tiplado, a tricycle driver accused of not returning things absentminded or drunk customers lose inside his vehicle in the dead of night. The shoe’s trajectory sweeps across Amy Perez, the host who protests, “Sandali lang! Sandali lang!” deftly premature confrontation between the tricycle driver and Joan, a woman in her early 20s. Her story: one night, she left her wallet and cellphone in Mang Melvin’s tricycle.

technology: WordPress looks to cure writer’s block by acquiring Plinky by Ben Parr

Auttomattic, the company behind, has acquired inspiration tool Plinky from Thing Labs, who are also creators of the Brizzly Twitter app.

career: Fun Ways to Beef Up Your Resume by Charles Purdy

Study a language. Enroll in an acting or improvisation workshop. Learn something new. Turn a a hobby into a business. Volunteer. Write. Get physical. Get social. Explore a new career. Be creative.

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