Spend a Friday Night with Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” (a special tribute)

He left no time to regret, kept his dick wet with his same old safe bet. Me and my head high and my tears dry, get on without my guy. You went back to what you knew so far removed from all that we went through. And I tread a trouble track. My odds are stacked. I’ll go back to black.

We only said goodbye with words. I died a hundred times. You go back to her. And I go back to…

I go back to us. I love you much. It’s not enough. You love blow and I love puff. And life is like a pipe. And I’ma tiny penny, rolling up the walls inside.

Black, black, black, blue
black, black, black
I go back to, I go back to…

Spend a Friday Night with Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” (a special tribute)

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said ‘no, no, no.’ Yes I’ve been black but when I come back you’ll know, know, know…I ain’t got the time and if my daddy thinks I’m fine. He’s tried to make me go to rehab but I won’t go, go, go…

I’d rather be at home with Ray. I ain’t got seventy days because there’s nothing, there’s nothing you can teach me. That I can’t learn from Mr Hathaway.

I didn’t get a lot in class but I know it don’t come in a shot glass.

The man said, ‘Why do you think you here?’ I said I’ve got no idea. I’m gonna, I’m gonna lose my baby so I always keep a bottle near. He said ‘I just think your depressed, this me, yeah baby, and the rest.’

I don’t ever wanna drink again. I just ooh I just need a friend. I’m not gonna spend ten weeks have everyone think I’m on the mend.

It’s not just my pride. It’s just until these tears have dried.

Spend a Friday Night with Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” (a special tribute)

Meet you dowstairs in the bar and hurt. Your rolled up sleeves in your skull t-shirt, you say ‘What did you do with him today?’, and sniffed me out like I was Tanqueray. Because you’re my fella my guy, hand me your Stella and fly. By the time I’m out the door, you tear men down like Roger Moore.

I cheated myself like I knew I would. I told you I was trouble. You know that I’m no good.

Upstairs in bed with my ex boy, he’s in a place but I can’t get joy. Thinking on you in the final throes, this is when my buzzer goes. Run out to meet you, chips and pitta. You say ‘when we married’, because you’re not bitter. ‘There’ll be none of him no more’. I cried for you on the kitchen floor.

Sweet reunion Jamaica and Spain, we’re like how we were again. I’m in the tub, you on the seat. Lick your lips as I soap my feet. Then you notice likkle carpet burn. My stomach drop and my guts churn. You shrug and it’s the worst, who truly stuck the knife in first.

Spend a Friday Night with Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry On Their Own” (a special tribute)

All I can ever be to you, is a darkness that we knew, and this regret I had to get accustomed to. Once it was so right, when we were at our high,  waiting for you in the hotel at night,  I knew I hadn’t met my match, but every moment we could snatch, I don’t know why I got so attached. It’s my responsibility. And you don’t owe nothing to me, but to walk away I have no capacity.

He walks away. The sun goes down. He takes the day but I’m grown.  And in this grey, in this blue shade, my tears dry on their own.

I don’t understand, why do I stress A man, when there’s so many better things at hand. We could a never had it all. We had to hit a wall, so this is inevitable withdrawal. Even if I stop wanting you, a perspective pushes through, I’ll be some next man’s other woman soon.

I shouldn’t play myself again. I should just be my own best friend, not fuck myself in the head with stupid men.

So we are history, your shadow covers me. The sky above, a blaze only that lovers see.

He walks away. The sun goes down. He takes the day but I’m grown. And it’s OK, in this blue shade, my tears dry on their own.

I wish I could say no regrets, and no emotional debts. And as we kiss goodbye the sun sets. So we are history, the shadow covers me. The sky above a blaze that only lovers see.

Spend a Friday Night with Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” (a special tribute)

Well sometimes I go out by myself  and I look across the water. And I think of all the things, what you’re doing and in my head I paint a picture.

Because since I’ve come on home, well my body’s been a mess. And I’ve missed your ginger hair and the way you like to dress. Won’t you come on over, stop making a fool out of me. Why won’t you come on over Valerie? Valerie? Valerie? Valerie?

Did you have to go to jail, put your house on up for sale, did you get a good lawyer?

I hope you didn’t catch a tan. I hope you find the right man who’ll fix it for you. Are you shopping anywhere? Changed the colour of your hair, are you busy? And did you have to pay that fine? You were dodging all the time? Are you still dizzy?

Why don’t ya come on over, Valerie?