Behind the Food Photography Trend

Admittedly, I am one of those people who are fond of taking photos of food on the table before finishing them all.

And yes, I would talk about it with friends, as well as here in my blog.

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Where do I belong, I wonder?

Remembering Friendster

It used to be a really friendly site when most of your friends would post testimonials that speak good about you.

Continue sipping…

My Separated-at-Birth Photos in Facebook

DOPPELGANGER WEEK IN FACEBOOK: This week change your profile picture to that of someone famous (actor, musician, athlete) who you’ve been told you look like. Post this to your status.

Steve Jobs meets his match, Lola Techie!

“I wantTV! Boom.

“Oi, iho, you! Don’t (i-) slouch.”

Funny indeed. Lola Techie never fails to amuse me. She’s such a very interesting character.

This time around, Lola Techie is channeling Steve Jobs on her keynote speech. She’s on a different level now, amazing eh?

Advertising has done it again. Bravo.

Recent Funny Shares at My Facebook Realm

I shot a prostitute because I'm single. How apt! Grr.

"You're not making me happy anymore! I tried to save it, you know..." - perkyperps

Even Mr. Bean has joined the Avatar bandwagon!