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Moi and cerveza in Madrid

Brewing for something better out of life. Chill.

Hello and many thanks for passing by.

Don’t you think it is nice to catch up with friends in endless talks about life over a cup of coffee? It’s one of the things I am fond of doing, but since we’re all busy creatures, sometimes there’s a miniscule chance to sit down, relax and share what we have in mind. Life nowadays has been more like a coffee-to-go. Tasty it is but fast and fleeting. And so this is why I gave birth to this blog.

Most of my friends call me Perps, a monicker which I think at first was a made-up word created by my friend, until I later realized that this word does exist (in urban dictionary), and it means rather, well, something defiant. Go figure. And lately some of my peers have started calling me, Perky! They might have found me ridiculously optimistic, overly pleasant; or to aptly put, they suspect I have taken happy pills too much. So there goes the name of my blog, which somewhat resonates a marriage of my different personas–PerkyPerps, a happy rebel.

I started this as a personal blog in 2009 and I never looked back since then. Overtime, I’ve revamped the blog layout and design, restructured the content, and come up with more focused topics, sections and series. Luckily these changes have kept me motivated. I tell you, it is not easy to write; what more to share something a part of you to the www (whole wide world)!

Nothing to worry or to even feel more excited, I won’t indulge you with all the meatiest details about my life. For one, I don’t even know if there’s something interesting about me to begin with! But still, yeah, I will continue to write and keep this blog in a positive tone as much as possible. So no ranting please, just a good amount of banter and wits.

The sharing starts here.

coffee reads  Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do check out my shared reads, too.

Spend a Friday Night  It’s my special spot to share music and movies/videos that I kinda sorta like.  Friday, of course, is the most special day of the week.

coffee talks  My most favorite drink needs more than my attention. This is a segment that serves to show my love for coffee, my addiction. But then again, I also opt for tea.

10 Things I’m Loving Now Series  This is my grateful list.

Note to Self  Here are some inspiring notes for keeps.

Week Enders  I’ll give you snippets of the highs and lows of my week.

On the Go  From Henry Miller, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” It’s my travel diary talking.

So Swiss It’s a special segment that chronicles my Swiss experiences; both the joys and the horrors of it!

apprendre la langue francaise series  My study notes on French are regularly posted. Yes, I am doing the best I can to learn the language.  Bonne chance pour moi!

Great Taste  As my way of thanking the best Pinoy coffee brand for me, I will write what I eat. I could have chosen Blend 45 (such a Pinoy classic), but I wasn’t been born yet when it started and never I had a chance to taste it.

Trenta List This is my so-called bucketlist, and all the things I want to do on the daily grind. I named it after Starbucks’ new Trenta coffee cup.

Time for Some Stir Shameless promotion it is! For those who want to post their ads on this page, shoot me a message. So far this is for free.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. If not, well, you can still try.   🙂)

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  1. aestar101 says:

    Cool blog concept

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