Best-Rated Coffee


It's Gloria Jean's Colombian Supremo Medium Roast.

“New look, same great taste,” reads the slogan on Eight O’Clock Coffee’s packaging. We beg to differ. The brand’s 100% Colombian product, a favorite from our March 2009 report, delivered less flavor in our most recent tests. So (drum roll, please) our expert taste testers have found two new coffee winners.

The new Colombian champs are Gloria Jean’s Colombian Supremo Medium Roast and Newman’s Own Organics Colombian Especial Medium Roast. They offered fairly complex, well-balanced flavors that our experts found stronger and fruitier than the flavors of most others we tested. Watching caffeine? New England Coffee Decaffeinated Colombian was judged better than most caffeinated coffees, including Starbucks Colombia Medium. Eight O’Clock, the former favorite, had a mostly woody taste. (Think wet Popsicle sticks.) And Colombian coffees from America’s best-selling brands, Folgers and Maxwell House, scored only Fair.

The 23 coffees we tested included three Colombian K-Cup products, one of which was from celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. Those products require a coffeemaker that can accommodate a K-Cup container, a type of single-serving coffee packaging. But K-Cups were more expensive per ounce than traditional packaged coffee and were only Good in our tests—and best enjoyed with milk and sugar to mask the off-notes.

Packaged-coffee prices have been creeping higher over the past year, with J.M. Smucker (Dunkin’ Donuts, Folgers, and Millstone), Kraft (Maxwell House and other coffee brands), and Starbucks raising prices. But the Colombian coffees we found tastiest aren’t the highest-priced per serving.

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