Coffee, Old-School: An Intro to Roasting Your Own


Admittedly, I get hung up on semantics, but I think toasting works better than roasting to describe coffee’s transformation from green, farm-raised innocent to bronzed, sophisticated bean of the world we know and love. Roasting basically means to cook in an oven, while toasting expressly means to brown—like how coffee beans turn brown under increased temperature—whether in an oven, with proximity to fire, or through some other kind of radiant heating.

Indeed, caffe tostato is the Italian term for roasted coffee. Okay, it’s out of my system. The toasted campaign ends here.

Today’s topic is home roasting, with an “R”—a kind of precursor companion to the home blending discussion last time. Like blending, exploring roasting can inspire you to take your coffee craftsmanship further, and create deeper understanding of coffee’s fundamentals. “Try this at home,” with benefits.

Continue sipping…


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