Coffee Reads of the Week–tips in a flash

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

health & wellness: Six Tricks to Double your Calorie Burn by Diane Mizota

A plateau is a lovely thing when you get to it after hiking all day. It’s not, when describing your fitness efforts! Plateauing means that despite dragging your body to the gym every day, it’s gone into slacker mode. Your weight won’t budge, your muscles go into hiatsus. Bikini season is only three months away. This is no time for your workout to conk out.

health & wellness: 10 Simple Tricks for Eating Less

Drink first, then eat. Eat consciously. Eat less, more often. Take your time. Don’t wait your body to tell you it’s full. Follow your fist. Do not stock sweets. Drown food when you’re done. Allow yourself small indulgences.

health & wellness: The Health Benefits of Tea by Alyse Levine

The media has exhaustively publicized the numerous ways drinking tea is good for you: from fighting certain cancers, to decreasing the risk of heart disease and ALzheimer’s disease, to controlling cholesterol and even reducing tooth decay! Although most people are aware of tea’s health benefits, they are not aware of which teas are most beneficial. So, from a health perspective, are all teas created equal?

career: Teenage Entrepreneurs by Geoffrey A. Fowler

Here is one indicator of the allure of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture: Diane Keng just launched her third start-up – and she is still in high school. In March, the 18-year-old launched Internet company to help teens manage their digital lives and social-network identities in one place. She is now pitching the company to venture capitalists, and earlier this week presented at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

love & relationships: The Science of a Happy Marriage by Tara Parker-Pope

Why do some men and women cheat on their partners while others resist the temptation? To find the answer, a growing body of research is focusing on the science of commitment. Scientists are studying everything from the biological factors that seem to influence marital stability to a person’s psychological response after flirting with a stranger. Their findings suggest that while some people may be naturally more resistant to temptation, men and women can also train themselves to protect their relationships and raise their feelings of commitment.

health & wellness: 10 best beauty timesavers to get you pretty in a flash by Sarah McColl

We’ll make this quick: you’re time starved, and you’re looking for ways to get out the door looking pretty and polished that take a hot minute. Or you’re just really, really lazy. Either way, we feel you. Here are 10 timesavers to get you gorgeous so you can save more minutes for living a beautiful life.

personal finance: 11 budget-planning mistakes to avoid by Ann-Marie Murphy

Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or you have a surplus of savings built up, learning to budget your money – and maintaining an ongoing budget planner – is vital to proper money management.  There’s no one right way to budget your money. Some people like to jot income and expenses down on paper, others keep a sophisticated budget spreadsheet and still others prefer using a free, online budget planner that does most of the work for you. It doesn’t really matter how you keep your personal budget so much as picking a method that makes sense to you and one that will maintain regularly. To make sure your budget does what it’s supposed to, be sure to avoid 11 budget planning mistakes.

personal finance: 10 Retirement Myths by Ryan Guina

There are many unknown factors when it comes to retirement, especially if your proposed retirement date is a decade or more away. Though we can’t predict the future, we can dispel some myths that make retirement planning seem more daunting than it really is. Here are ten retirement myths to look out for.

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