Apprendre la Langue Française (Part 61): l’interrogation (adverbes interrogatifs)


Interrogative adverbs are used to ask for new information or facts. The most common French interrogative adverbs are:

1. combien (de)how many / much
2. commenthow, what
3. where
4. pourquoiwhy
5. quandwhen

All of these interrogative adverbs can be used to ask questions with either est-ce que or inversion.

Quand manges-tu? Quand est-ce que tu manges?
When do you eat?

Combien de livre veut-il? Combien de livre est-ce qu’il veut?
How many books does he want?

Où habite-t-elle? Où est-ce qu’elle habite?
Where does she live?

They can be used in indirect questions, for example:

Dis-moi quand tu manges. Tell me when you eat.
Je ne sais pas combien de livres il veut. I don’t know how many books he wants.
J’ai oublié où elle habite. I’ve forgotten where she lives.

Comment, où, and quand can also be used with n’importe.

Tu peux manger n’importe quand. You can eat whenever / any time.

In literature or other formal French, you might see an additional interrogative adverb: que meaning “why.”

Qu’avais-tu besoin de lui en parler? Why did you have to go and talk to him about it?
Olivier et Roland, que n’êtes-vous ici? Olivier and Roland, why aren’t you here?


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