Apprendre la Langue Française (Part 60): les verbes et les expressions avec de


The French preposition de means “from” or “about” and is also used in many expressions. Learn how to say “first of all,” “on behalf of,” “as a result,” and more with this list of expressions with de.

un billet de faveur – complimentary ticket

d’abord – first

d’autre part – on the other hand

de bon matin – early in the morning

de bonne heure – early

de ce côté – on this side

de côté et de l’autre – here and there, on both sides

(se heurter) de face, de front – (to collide) head on

de l’autre côté – on the other side

de la part – on behalf of

De la part de qui? Who is calling?

de nos jour – in our day

(5 jours) de suite – (5 days) in a row

de toute ma vie – in all my life

du côté de la banque – in the direction of the bank

du coup – as a result

du jour au lendemain – overnight, suddenly

du même coup – at the same time, all the same

du premier coup – right away, right off the bat

d’un seul coup – in one try, at one go

du reste – moreover

du temps de Napoléon – in Napoleon’s time

une drôle d’idée – a strange idea

Espèce d’imbécile! Idiot!

être en train de – to be in the process of

tout d’abord – first of all

tout de suite – right away

travailler de jour (de nuit) – to work days (nights)

These verbs below require the French preposition de when followed by an infinitive. Note that the English translation may take an infinitive or a gerund.

accepter de to accept, to agree to
accuser (quelqu’un) de to accuse (someone) of
s’agir de to be a question of ___-ing
(s’) arrêter de to stop ___-ing
avoir peur de to be afraid of ___-ing
cesser de to stop, ceasing ___-ing
choisir de to choose to
conseiller de to advise to
se contenter de to be happy ___-ing
continuer de to continue ___-ing
convenir de to agree to
craindre de to fear ___-ing
décider de to decide to
défendre (à quelqu’un) de to forbid (someone) to do something
se dépêcher de to hurry to
déranger quelqu’un de to bother someone to
dire (à quelqu’un) de to tell (someone) to do something
s’efforcer de to endeavor to
empêcher de to prevent, keep from ___-ing
s’empresser de to hurry to
ennuyer quelqu’un de to bother/upset someone to
essayer de to try to
s’excuser de to apologize for ___-ing
féliciter de to congratulate for ___-ing
finir de to finish ___-ing
Gronder de to scold for ___-ing
se hâter de to hurry to
manquer de to neglect, to fail to
mériter de to deserve to
offrir de to offer to
oublier de to forget to
(se) permettre de to allow (oneself) to
persuader de to persuade to
prendre garde de to be careful not to
prendre le parti de to decide to
se presser de to hurry to
prier de to beg to
promettre de to promise to
proposer de to suggest ___-ing
refuser de to refuse to
regretter de to regret ___-ing
remercier de to thank for ___-ing
rêver de to dream of ___-ing
risquer de to risk ___-ing
se soucier de to care about ___-ing
se souvenir de to remember ___-ing
supplier de to be / beseech
tâcher de to try to
venir de (faire X) to have just (done X)

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