Apprendre la Langue Française (Part 31): les questions avec adjectifs interrogatifs


In French, quel, which is the equivalent of which, must be used whenever there is more than one noun that you are choosing in between.

The uses of quel are fairly straightforward – you need it whenever you want to ask for specific information about a noun:

Pierre m’a prête un livre. Quel livre?
Pierre loaned me a book. Which book?

Nous devons partir avant midi. Quelle heure est-il?
We have to leave before noon. What time is it?

Questions with quel may be asked with est-ce que or inversion.

Quel livre veux-tu? / Quel livre est-ce que tu veux?
What book do you want?

Quelles pommes aime-t-il? / Quelles pommes est-ce qu’il aime?
Which apples does he like?

Quel + noun may be preceded by a preposition.

À quelle heure veux-tu partir? / À quelle heure est-ce que tu veux partir?
What time do you want to leave?

De quels livres parle-t-il? / De quels livres est-ce qu’il parle?
What books is he talking about?

To ask “what is…?” or “what are…?” use quel plus the appropriate conjugation of être.

Quel est le problème? What’s the problem?
Quelles sont les différence? What are the differences?

Other important points. Quel plus a noun can be replaced by an interrogative pronoun, lequel. Quel is also the French exclamative adjective.

Like all adjectives, quel has to agree in gender and number with the noun it modifies.

Singulier Pluriel
Masculin Quel Quels
Féminin Quelle Quelles

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