Coffee Reads of the Week – for the body

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

personal: The top foods you should keep in case of an emergency by Vanessa DiMaggio
That will be: peanut butter, whole-wheat crackers, nuts and trail mixes, cereals, granola bars and power bars, dried fruits, canned tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey, canned vegetables, canned soups and chili, bottled water, sports drinks, powdered milk, sugar, salt and pepper, multivitamins. Go figure why.

health & fitness: 10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism by Brunilda Nazario, MD
Build muscle. Kick your workout up a notch. Drink more water. Have your drinks on the rocks. Eat more often. Spice up your meals. Eat more protein. Drink black coffee. Drink green tea. Avoid crash diets.

health & fitness: 10 Best Foods For Your Buck by AllYou.Com
Make the most out of your grocery budget by stocking up: peanut butter, eggs, oats, apples, spinach, beans, frozen vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, canned tuna fish.

health & fitness: Fitness Fact or Fiction? by Amy Van
FACT or FICTION? Cardio burns more calories than strength training. You can reduce cellulite through exercise. Crunches are one of the best moves to target your abs. Exercise immediately improves your ability to learn. The morning is the best time of the day to exercise. Running a marathon increases your risk of a heart attack. Lift weights quickly to increase the burn. Stretch before you run. Skinny people are always healthier than overweight people.

health & fitness: The 30-Minute Workout Routine by Brunilda Nazario, MD
Think you don’t have time to work out? You do. It’s the intensity of your workout that’s key. A short–burst, high–intensity workout boosts your metabolism and tones muscles. Get moving with this 30–minute “quickie” routine that includes cardio training and resistance training for each major muscle group.

science: Phys Ed: What Exercise Science Doesn’t Know About Women by Gretchen Reynolds
Researchers found that women did not pack carbohydrates into their muscles as men did. Even when the women upped their total calories as well as the percentage of their diet devoted to carbohydrates, they loaded only about half as much extra fuel into their muscles as the men did.

health & fitness: Diets Geared Towards Body Types by Sapna Pathak
Know some suggested diets for ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs.

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