Coffee is an Ex-lover

I’m fond of re-posting/sharing articles about my most-loved drink in the world but ironically, I haven’t written anything about us yet.  I don’t think I was just being discrete all along, do I?

I came across this featured article in WordPress from Sam Watson who wrote about his melodramatic surrender from his daily love.   Sad but he had to; and so I hope I won’t reach the same moment when I have to totally give it up, too.

Not even a single sip.

Help! Caffeine is Out to Get Me! from Sam Watson’s blog

I had my first lover at 5-years-old. When we first met, she was dressed in orange. With my little, inexperienced fingers, I held her close, steam rising from her caramel completion, soaking my face, and her scent…it teased me with promises of great taste to come.

I couldn’t resist any longer. I pressed the orange mug against my bottom lip, and slowly tilted it up, and sipped. The moment the coffee tickled my taste buds, not even Cupid’s arrow could of made me fall any greater in love with the caffeinated liquid.

I was had, but it wasn’t just coffee I had fallen in love with. It was caffeine. That false energy. That pick-me-up. That wonderful hyper-ness that had me bouncing off of any wall I could find. I loved it. And I knew it loved me.

Our relationship lasted for years.


He seems to be reminiscing a lot of good memories with this coffee maker.


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