Change’s good for coffeechat

No, I am not moving my personal blog out.  Wordpress is just beautiful, even though Tumblr looks enticing and Blogger is persuading me to come back. And no, I am not even going to erase this from the face of the Internet world. Not ever, I hope.

As you may have noticed now, coffeechat with perkyperps has a new look, and honestly I am loving it! I chose Inuit Type as my new eye candy. Nothing much changed drastically; it almost kept the same design elements. White background. Georgia font. Spacious and clean. Minimalist look. It actually appears like a clean broadsheet for me that it doesn’t shout much about a “coffee” theme for a personal blog like mine. Just the way I like it.

Expect more changes in this blog in the next few days. Right now I just hope that this theme I used can already utilize the custom menu feature WordPress had launched (a similar feature Tumblr got known for now, apart from the other equally beautiful features in store, which I will explore, soon). I hope the WordPress team is listening to my humble plea.  I can wait, and good things come to those who will, right?


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