Galaera Diaries: Ariba! Andale! NatGeoRun for the Planet!

I am now about to be giving in to this craze, and in case if I say I do, this is going to be my very first marathon ever.

Should I get excited or what?  So far, I have found three reasons why I should run.

One, National Geographic Channel is sponsoring the event. Yes, National Geo. Nat Geo, the other channel you switch to once Discovery Channel bores you; or if you like to get the safari feel for awhile even if you haven’t been there yet.  Yes it’s the yellow magazine, and the yellow border encompassing its every cover photo that displays different kinds of species, and it is from where the yellow squarish logo originated, I suppose.  I’m going overboard . It isn’t obvious I am quite a  fan. Not.

Two, the message, “Inspiring People to Care about the Planet.” I want to get inspired and take part in the cause. And hopefully, I could commit, cooperate, and participate fully in protecting the environment. Take that as a personal higher calling of sorts. Sounds cheesy, I know.

Third, it’s going to be at the Mall of Asia. I always like Mo-wah. No pun intended.

Oh, make this a fourth one, and it’s equally important, too. Friends are joining in. Yehey.

On the other side, the only reason I see that is stopping me from joining in this sporting event like this is, huge crowds intimidate me.  I can absolutely run a few miles. Guess I just have a playful mind when I’d imagine myself being trampled upon by the runners after the gunshot. On second thought, I could rather take this as another chance for me to disprove such imaginative possibility, right?

Well, I’m game.

Visit the official event site at for details. See you at the race track!


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