Coffee Reads of the Week – ocular proof

Some of the articles I enjoyed reading over the net are worth sharing, too. Check out my weekly posts via the Coffee Reads series. I’ve got my google reader to back me up so do also check out my shared reads. Enjoy!

opinion: Video killed the political star by Lourd de Veyra

Advertising is playing along with dirty politics, so to speak.

health & fitness: Hearts can actually break by Ron Winslow

New research shows that dying of a broken heart isn’t just a metaphor.

business: Favorite colors test shows CEOs are different; take the test by Del Jones

My first take of the Dewey Color System tells me that I am a RESEARCHER and an ORGANIZER. I took it again and chose the colors that I could have picked first over the other. The second result shows that I am a CREATOR and (still) an ORGANIZER.

personal: 6 Personality Traits to admire and acquire by Brett Blumenthal at Sheer Balance

True enough, it’s very difficult to find someone who is selfless, tolerant, genuine, sensitive, honest, and humble. If ever I get one, I’d call her a saint!

science: Ancient Greenland gene map has a surprise by Maggie Fox courtesy of Reuters

Scientists have sequenced the DNA from four frozen hairs of a Greenlander who died 4,000 years ago in a study they say takes genetic technology into several new realms.

science: Changes proposed in how psychiatrists diagnose by Lauran Neergaard of Associated Press

Don’t say “mental retardation” — the new term is “intellectual disability.” No more diagnoses of Asperger’s syndrome — call it a mild version of autism instead. And while “behavioral addictions” will be new to doctors’ dictionaries, “Internet addiction” didn’t make the cut.

personal: 11 Tips for cutting down the number of things you buy by Gretchen Rubin

Pay cash. Buy small items first. Don’t buy too much at one time. Don’t buy anything at a bargain store that you haven’t bought before at full price. Review each of your purchases with a skeptical eye. Don’t tell yourself, “I can always return it.” Make a list. Don’t buy anything that needs to be a specific size unless you know. Don’t shop when you’re hungry. Be very skeptical of anything that’s on sale.

And the most beautiful tip of all, Stay out of stores.

science: Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ by Elizabeth Landau

People with such intellectual power don’t easily blend in the norm but then again, this is stereotyping.

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