Facebook is now 6 years! (updated)

Happy 6th birthday, Facebook!

Their birthday treat, this time again, is rolling out a new design. Yep, you heard me. And it promises a more powerful homepage and easier messaging for FB users all over the world.

Check out the teaser of Facebook redesigns (snatched from Mashable.com).

Click here for details.


Tada! This is how it appears now with mine. I like the new look. Not necessarily saying that the redesign was well-thought out, but I think they did it right this time.

Welcome to the new, simplified homepage.

So, the new requests, messages and notifications are grouped together by the Facebook logo. Messages, application and chat are now easily accessible on the left side of the page. And lastly, all the settings are now placed under Account.

I just have this feeling that the overall goal of this redesign is to remove these functionalities at the bottom part of the page, except for Chat, which I think it works to keep it as is (it has a world of its own anyway!). So the next question here is, where to place them. As ambitious as FaceBook gets, there is no way for these tools but to go up. So all the settlers in the heavens have to give way to the newbies, and this involves grouping all the settings and even, Logout, together as one. And viola! Another makeover of Facebook, and this time around, it’s fab and purrfect!

Disclaimer: Neither I interviewed anyone from Facebook, nor even participated in a redesign focus group or contest of sorts for FB. I wish I had both though! Simply believe that this is just a theory of mine, promise!

Remember the time when we use to move the pointer all the way to the extreme right just to check out our recent notifications. Our pointer won’t be travelling that far anymore.

The Applications are now given with much better attention they deserve. Just look at the space they’ve got!

When Facebook started, the applications were like different patches in the homepage, and the first FB citizens liked it that way since we can somewhat personalize, just like what we also do in MySpace, Multiply, Friendster among others. But Nay! say the FB monarchs. They instituted a new order: all applications shall be held in a discrete place, effective now, without prior notice! Most FB people protested but such protest just fell on Zuckerberg’s (deaf) ears. As Mark puts it, disruptive companies don’t listen to their customers. He’s leveraging a different business strategy and it seems that it works so far, so good. Besides, you can’t please everyone, especially those who are resistant to change. Change is good, come on.

But it seems now that the Applications make vengeance as they make themselves heard loud enough. The rise of games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, Restaurant City and many others has made Facebook a more enjoyable place for the most. Well, in my case though, I had issues with it, particularly when I receive annoying updates from these games. I guess, Facebook heard my outcry when it gave me a chance to co-exist with the other users. I can block the applications  of my choice! Hah.

The Search text book is more prominent now. It shouts at me well enough, “Come and use me!”

Grouping the settings together seems to be fine for me, but the Logout? Hmmm. Anyway, I think I can get by.

And well well well…a more spic and span profile page for moi. Not bad!

The new look, love it or hate it, but heck, Facebook is 6 years and going strong.


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