Coffee Reads of the Week – Google versus China

This sounds like a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon saga to me, eh?

In my special edition of Coffee Reads for the week, I give you a compilation of articles that talk about Google’s decision to leave China (for good?).

From the official Google’s blog, A new approach to China;

At the, For Google, a Threat to China With Little Revenue at Stake by Miguel Helft. In a related news, Follow the Law, China Tells Internet Companies by Andrew Jacobs, and Google Takes a Stand by Nicholas D. Kristof;

At the, A Quick Q and A with a Tracker of the Chinese Internet by Jeffrey Wasserstrom; and Google China History, Timeline of Google’s Biggest China Controversies (PHOTOS);

At NPR, listen to the interview of Melissa Block with Google’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond; and

At and, Yahoo Backs Google in China Decision by the Associated Press; and Censors Back on Google as China defends Internet actions by Jo Kent, Mike Ahlers, Carol Cratty, Jeanne Meserve and Doug Cross as contributors.


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