Mark + Kristi: An After High School Love Affair

The Bride and The Groom

Their love story can be described as something discreet, low-profile, and quite unexpected. Kristi and I have been friends since first year high school, and in our circle, both of us were considerably the goody two-shoes – studious, responsible, and sensible. Nevertheless, Kristi’s demure beauty and attitude is what makes her stand out. She’s known for her childlike sweetness and self-righteousness; yes, her high-pitch voice never fails us to cuddle her instead whenever she loses her temper (as she’d claim).

Mark came around on our third year. As my first impression on him didn’t go wrong, Mark is  a statuesque male of being prim and proper. As usual, every fresh (cute) face in the campus can really ignite an excitement, and Mark was definitely one of the few (respected) heartthrobs.

At that point though, both Mark and Kristi were involved in different relationships. Little did we know, until we moved onto different ways in college, that these two are unassuming love birds in the making. Neither any scandals nor gossips were ever heard about, or had tainted their relationship.  Instead they were silently, patiently building their dreams together. Truly, this is one facet I highly admired about them.

After more than 5 years as a couple, Mark and Kristi finally decided, “This is it, pancit!”

At the Bridal Shower

At the Wedding

Best wishes to Mark and Kristi! I am looking forward to your cute babies.


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