My 2009 Status Collage

the greatest statuses of 2009

my year in status, an FB app

They aren’t really the greatest shout outs of a lifetime.

Nevertheless 2009 is the year I got hooked with Facebook, Twitter and the rest that followed. Speaking what’s on your mind couldn’t be that as short and sweet as it was then.

What a year two-o-o-nine is, oh what a year…

Inasmuch as I consider 2009 as a truly challenging year for most of us, I’d still like to remember this year with successes that I remain grateful for and moments that I will forever cherish.

I have come up with lists that I patterned with Time’s Top 10 Everything of 2009.  Time Magazine charts the highs and lows of 2009 in 50 top-ten lists ranging from most highlighted news down to considerably underreported stories of the year; from serious medical breakthroughs to light tweet topics; from pop culture to business and technology.

On one hand, my (top ten or lesser) lists would reveal:

  • the top people who have made a positive impact in my life;
  • the best places I visited;
  • my great wins and achieved goals;
  • the best stuff I got;
  • my top picks of songs, movies and TV shows;
  • the top global or local events that I think, have made such a mark; and
  • the greatest learnings in life this year.

My Top 10 (or Less) Everything of 2009 will be posted very soon. Patience is a virtue, so wait for it!

UPDATES:  Here they are!


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