there must only be ONE bundle of joy…it’s ISAAC!

lenovo IdeaPad Y450

Lenovo IdeaPad Y450

toshiba L510

toshiba L510

acer timeline 8000

acer timeline 8000

After days of searching, finally I was able to find a new laptop that suits me. I took none from my original picks above–Lenovo’s IdeaPad, Toshiba and Acer’s Timeline.

It is slim and lightweight but fast and highly capable. Let the vid speaks for itself.

As I began to think of its name, out of nowhere, an unexpected name just popped in my mind. Viola, my baby is now named Isaac.

In Hebrew, Isaac means “may God smile.” Although he is relatively a low-profile, his name is been referenced several times in the Bible. Isaac is known as this obedient son whom Abraham is about to sacrifice to God.

Asus UL Series was released just a few months ago as Asus bet in the slim notebook category. Not only it does provide what I was generally looking for a laptop, it was also very easy to carry.  The 1-inch thickness and around a kilo weight just didn’t allow me to think twice.  Click here for a detailed review on my new baby.


2 Responses to there must only be ONE bundle of joy…it’s ISAAC!

  1. Randell says:

    It all depends on what you need it for.

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