Apprendre la langue Française (Part Trois) – Your Language, Your Nationality and You

Se Présenter

Here’s how you introduce yourself or how you ask the name of the other person.

In informal setting, you use:

Comment tu t’appelles?
What is your name?

Yoko, et toi?
Yoko [your name], you?

In formal setting, you use:

Vous vous appelez comment?
What is your name?

Je m’apelle Ciara, et vous?
My name is Ciara [your name], you?

Les Langue et Les Adjectifs de Nationalité

Vous parlez quelle langue?
What foreign language do you speak?

Je parle français.
I speak french.

Nationalities are spelled differently according to the gender of the person being referred to.

Male Female
-ais -aise
-ain -aine
-ien -ienne
-ois -oise
-in -ine
-e -e
-o -o

There are exemptions though. Some countries don’t follow any of the patterns above; countries such as Allemand (Germany), Argentin (Argentina), Espagnol (Spain), Guatémaltèque (Guatamala), Grec (Greece), Turc (Turkey), among others.

For complete list of countries, click here.

For foreign language, just use the “male” form.

Use the verb s’appeler for saying your name; être for your nationality.

pronom s’appeler être
Je m’appelle suis
Tu t’appelle es
Il/Elle s’apelle est
Vous vous appellez êtes

Different people from different countries, learning French altogether now.


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