Apprendre la langue Française (Part Deux) – Getting the Basics

Identifier Une Langue

Apart from Français, here are the other foreign languages (French-translated) you just might want to learn:

espagnol = Spanish
italien = Italian
= Chinese
anglais = English
polonais = Polish
arabe = Arabic
allemand = German
portugais = Portuguese

Le Alphabet


The French alphabet is derived from the Latin alphabet. It uses the standard 26 letters.

Letter Letter Name
Pronunciation Spelling
A /ɑ/ a
B /be/
C /se/
D /de/
E /ə/ e
F /ɛf/ effe
G /ʒe/
H /aʃ/ hache
I /i/ i
J /ʒi/ ji
K /ka/ ka
L /ɛl/ elle
M /ɛm/ emme
N /ɛn/ enne
O /o/ o
P /pe/
Q /ky/ ku
R /ɛʁ/ erre
S /ɛs/ esse
T /te/
U /y/ u
V /ve/
W /dublə ve/ double vé
X /iks/ ixe
Y /igʁɛk/ i grec
Z /zɛd/ zède

Listen to this audio file and check out how the alphabet is pronounced in French.

Communiquer en classe

Here are some sentences that a professeur (professor) and estudiant (student) may use during class.

Ecrivez la réponse.
Listen to the dialogue.

Répétez la réponse.
Repeat the dialogue.

Cochez la bonne response.
Check the correct response.

Soulignez les questions.
Highlight questions.

Comment ça se prononce?
How is it pronounced?

Parlez plus fort!
Talk/Speak louder/stronger.

Ouvrez votre livre.
Open your book.

Comment on dit house en francais?
How do we say “house” in French?

Fermez votre livre.
Close your book.

Comment ça s’écrit?
How is it written?

Travaillez en groupe.
Work in groups.

Travaillez par deux.
Work in pairs.

Je ne comprends pas.
I do not understand.

Je ne sais pas.
I do not know.

C’est a quelle page?
[This is on] what page?

Vous pouvez épeler?
Can you spell?


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