Apprendre la langue Française (Part Un) – Why French?

Bon jour! Mes excuses pour mon absence, j’ai été malade pendant plus d’une semaine. Aujourd’hui je me sens bien. Je suis vraiment excité!

I hope I did it right. *grin*

At last, I am officially studying French! After accumulated months of exploring one foreign language to the next, I am finally bound to learn and love Français, and everything associated to it—the culture, the arts, the people, the country.

Learning a foreign language could really be a painstaking effort for one who doesn’t have the love for the culture and the language itself. French is so far, the most fitting choice since I yearn to visit Europe someday, and hopingly, live in one of its countries. Apart from Spanish and German, I believe French is another language that Europeans speak the most. I believe everyone will agree with me, French sounds romantic and elegant, too! Given my personality, attitude and interests, I believe I can learn the language with much ease and flair.

To keep the passion going, I intend to do three things:

One is to write an essay in French. Through this activity I expect that I perfectly master the French grammar, spelling and writing syntax. Any topic of interest would do, as long as it is lengthy and readable. The longer, the better!

Two is to watch a full-length French film, with no English sub-titles. I must completely understand what the actors say and what the story is all about, without reading the synopsis!

Three is to engage into long, hearty conversations with friends, communicating in French! Well, my classmates and my teacher could be ideal guinea pigs *grin*. I also have a few friends who also want to learn the language but only know a few basics that I could mingle with in a rather French way. I also have someone based in Europe who I can chat with in French, who will definitely be very pleased to see me speaking in his language.

Now I am enrolled in a weekend class at the Alliance Française de Manille, and it is my first time to get into a formal language class. I had taken foreign language subjects in high school and college before, but I never appreciated it. I had Japanese.  Our Nihonggo class is imperative in high school. Because I assumed I can conveniently get ahead of the class, I also took Nihonggo as my foreign language credit, over Chinese, Spanish and German. Apparently I didn’t get what I hoped for. Anime and I are not meant for each other. HAHA.

I later realized that wanting to learn the language is a must. Better when you enjoy learning it.

So from this time on, I will be sharing what I learn from my French class. I will also be posting some materials I got over the Internet that would help me learn (and love) the language even better.

Wish me luck!

Laissez-nous profiter de Français! Oui!


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