my quick read: eight tips for how money can buy you happiness

Happiness for me, is a reflection of the appropriate choices I make in my life, and it doesn’t necessarily follow that I’ve got to have it all.  Money is just one of the numerous means to get into my personal happiness. It’s just a matter of, wise spending ( and I’m doing the best I can!).

As what Rubin mentions in her article at Yahoo!, Eight Tips for How Money Can Buy You Happiness, the secret to using money to buy happiness is to spend money in ways that support our happiness goals.

Our happiness goals don’t necessarily mean buying stuff that places us into the hedonistic treadmill that describes our tendency to adapt quickly to changed circumstances. For example, after having extra cash, we buy a new TV and enjoy it for awhile, then we later on, take it for granted.

For us to achieve happiness that lasts longer, Rubin shares tips on where to spend our money.

1. Strengthen bonds with family and friends.

2. End marital conflict.

3. Upgrade your exercise.

4. Think about fun.

5. Serenity and security.

6. Pay more for healthy food.

7. Spend the money on someone else.

8. Think about your priorities.

As Rubin puts it, the key to happiness is to know ourselves, and what makes us happy.

Read the complete article here.


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