coffeechat with perkyperps ecards

This afternoon, I received a message from my cousin, who is about to graduate this year, telling me about their yearbook.  Actually last February, I paid for a half one fourth-page sponsorship for her. I wasn’t expecting that I could place my photo at the sponsors page of the yearbook.

At first, I got excited, but then I am too shy to see my face on print. My imagination worked out again as I imagined a poorly printed book with a photo of mine having a smudge that would appear like a mustache on; or kids vandalizing eeky pictures of their choice. Yay!

Oh well, so I began to think of a more creative, ingenious way, to appease me.

Then eureka hits. Why not submit a funky image ad for coffeechat with perkyperps?

Eh, why not? It isn’t a tacky idea, is it?

It gives a breathe of fresh air because normally, sponsorship pages share big yawns. Haha…

So, here’s what I created.

Since I got too excited with this idea, I created another one. This one’s a birthday greeting ecard. Fancy, isn’t it?

What do you think?


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