Galaera Diaries: labor day weekend at Pangasinan

It’s another long weekend for the people in the workforce like us, as we just got lucky again to have May 1 fall on a Friday.  It is another day out of 365 in a year that workaholics feel giddy about.

It’s time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  In my case then, this means for another adventure. This time around, it’s Pangasinan!

I joined with my friend’s colleagues for this trip. We left Makati by 5AM and arrived in Pangasinan by noon. Then by afternoon, off we headed to Bolinao.  All the while we thought that it could be feasible to hop from Alaminos to Bolinao in plainly 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the ride took us 2 hours more (there’s a detour, boo!). We reached Puerto del Sol when the sun was about to set.

Puerto del Sol is amongst the popular resorts in Bolinao due to its cliquish accommodation and services. Of course, staying in this resort doesn’t come cheap. Yet like any other places, Bolinao’s shoreline is offering a rather different experience. It is still worth the price, nevertheless.

the sunset at bolinao shore

the sunset at bolinao shore

the sand turns golden yellow, nice!

sun and sand is a match made in heaven.

moi @ puerto del sol

moi @ puerto del sol

even rubber duckie is on vacay!

even rubber duckie is on vacay!

a perfect sunset gives me a purrfect glow.

a perfect sunset gives me a purrfect glow.

A bit disappointing that we only had a quick stay at Puerto del Sol. Not being cheapskates to be exact, but, Bolinao was just squeezed in our itinerary.  I could have had enjoyed the fascinating view, the pool dipping at night, the cozy accommodations, and sumptuous meals at its homey, Filipino-inspired restaurant. Okay, I’ll hold these picturesque thoughts until I come back to Puerto del Sol! Say what?

We woke up very early the following day to prepare for the much-anticipated trip of all. It’s Hundred Islands, baby!

[i digress! :: Manawa ka, Perps! Manawa ka! Isla ba ang gusto mo, eto sayo! – could anyone translate this in english, for my foreign audiences to enjoy? *chuckles* try using google translate!]

Let’s have Hundred Islands one OH one.

Scattered along Lingayen Gulf covering an area of 4,557 acres, the Hundred Islands National Park (for Pangasinense it is called, Kapulo-puloan or Taytay-Bakes) boasts its 124 islands (123 at high tide) which are believed to be already 2 million years old.

I just love reading folklores. So here’s one for Hundred Islands:

Once upon a time, a brave rajah, Rajah Masubeg, together with his son, Datu Mabiskeg, once ruled the peaceful and prosperous kingdom of Alaminos. One day, an enemy force was heading straight to their kingdom. A hundred of their brave warriors led by the rajah’s son went into a tragic battle. The kingdom was saved, but its soldiers were all slained. A week after the tragedy, the townsfolk found small, verdant islands and islets spanning across their shore.

Back to regular programming, children!

We first visited this island named after the former president, Ferdinand E. Marcos. The island has three mounds, a helipad,  and a dose of artfully sculpted mermaid statues. The highlight of this visit is a walk at the 50-meter trail that ends in a 70-feet drop leading to the cave named after Marcos’ better half, who else, but Imelda. The cave is a haven for edible-nest swiftlets and insectivorous bats. The island’s flora and fauna include: kalampang, molave, dapdap, igyo, maladuhat, bani, and pandan; and white rumped swift, glossy starling, little pied flycatcher and long tailed shrikes.

We were about to stay in Children’s Islands but there were too many tribes conquering it, so we opted and searched for a more secluded, less populous island. We found Claves.

Claves Island has good diving offshore. As a matter of fact, UP (University of the Philippines) initiated a program to restock giant clams to the area.

Only if I had known, I could have snorkeled. Well, I learned it too late. Mind you though, our stay in Claves Island was a great one. For one, I don’t stay in the water too long, but I couldn’t turn this island down. I totally shrugged the idea that it’d ruin my fair complexion and rather convinced myself to get a good tan. I dipped into the water and basked under the sun all throughout the day.

I also enjoyed the fun games and (my fave) photo shoots. It was absolutely a super fun day at the island.

on the way to the hundred islands

on the way to the hundred islands

we are at marcos island.

we are at marcos island.

fhm cover page, NOW!

fhm cover page, NOW!

palibhasa lalake [just because theyre men?]

palibhasa lalake, in english...

A trip to Hundred Islands National Park is a great diversion from the hustle-bustle of urban life.

Two thumbs up!


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