Galaera Diaries: the tuesday people in makati

Stilettos. Boots. Sandals. Slippers. Bakya. Gorging at Kitchen. Nonstop blabbing. Demented over Sisa’s Dementia with a kiss of Ibarra. A touch of history. And why we attract the wrong kind of men. Plus, a cat in a box. – a prose from Reyna Diwata

It started two weeks ago when the gang suddenly arrived at the most fitting schedule for a meet-up. You see, we’re such busy creatures. Each is running a totally different life over the other whereas a few are playing along with their equally hectic work schedules.

It’s understandably clear that we have to meet halfway.

So the southerners and the nomads at the upper east side went towards middle earth, er, Makati. And we had successful get-togethers, two Tuesdays in a row. Mind you, it’s such a feat.

As I began to call the group as Tuesday people, an eponym  I got from the book, Tuesdays with Morrie, Janet and Mahros had taken a rather crazily funny spinoff out of it.

Jan:     Tuesday group, parang That’s Entertainment? [Tuesday group just like in That’s Entertainment?]

Mahros: Kurak. I will be Sheryl Cruz! Sino si Manilyn at si Tina Paner?  Hehehe. Ay Friday group pala si Tina. Ok, si Shirley Fuentes na lang. Wahahaha. [Who will be Manilyn and Tina Paner? Oh, Tina’s from the Friday group. Ok, Shirley Fuentes instead.]

Perps: Teka, bakit tayo napunta sa That’s Entertainment? [Why did we end up with That’s Entertainment?] I used Tuesday people in reference to Tuesdays with Morrie. Juicekoday! [OMG!?!]

Mahros: Ahahaha. That’s Entertainment fits us perfectly, none of the inspirational hoo-ha.

Okay, I rest my case. It’s the massive appeal, fine! LOL.

Anyhow, the Tuesday people started the afternoon with a visit at the Yuchengco Museum to check out the exhibit entitled, Portraits de Chaussures, Histoires de Pieds (Portraits of Shoes, Stories of Feet)” which is sponsored by the Alliance Francaise de Manille.

The entire third floor houses around 62 pairs of shoes from different French artists and shoe designers; all of which are curated by Yves Sabourin. Curated by the Yuchengco Museum, our country’s history on shoes was also interpreted at the fourth floor.

The exhibit runs until the 20th of June and will later on, tour internationally heading to Bangkok, Seoul and France. In 2010, the exhibit will be housed permanently at Musee des beaux-arts/Samara and Musee des beaux-arts/Moscow at Tsaritsyno Museum.

Then, a walk from RCBC Tower all the way to Greenbelt, it was a long, exhausting one for the two, but a Makati lady as I am, it wasn’t for me at all. I’ve always enjoyed this long walk in Makati. My heels are actually made for Ayala corners!

Quick tour around the new Greenbelt 5, searching for a new resto but since we were busy yakking and yakking and got exhausted after, we all decided – in chorus – to go for our comfort food niche, Kitchen!

Mahros came over a few minutes after. More chika [chitchats]. More laughter. More puns and wits. Then pose for the camera. Then bondat na [we’re full].

Off we went to Restaurante Pia y Damaso to try out this dessert Dylan’s been raving for. We tried Sisa’s Dementia and Ibarra’s Kiss, with our chosen martinis on the side. I fell in love with the kiss of Ibarra, because I’m really a chocolate-y kind.

Then, we had our first (in)formal talks about our friendship project. As of this writing, I’m still giddy about it! I’m really excited. Hope we make it.

After awhile, Dai and Beng came over. Another heartbreaking scene, Dai had to remind herself that she’s only allowed to drink 3/4 bottle of beer. Hadn’t she?

Beng brought with her a new member, a cat (confirmed, male), which was given by her singer-friend.

Strangely the universe has an interesting way of giving what we want in life.

No matter what, have faith and stay on!

Happy Tuesday for us, ladies and gent! It was another fab night!

Say Tuesday next week? Oh yes, we’re scheduled for another round of videoke this time.

shoe lady is in the house!

shoe lady is in the house!

soul sisters, janet and moi

soul sisters, janet and moi

left to right: charlotte, miranda and carrie

left to right: charlotte, miranda and carrie

tuesday people at greenbelt 3s kitchen

tuesday people at greenbelt 2's kitchen

tuesday people at greenbelt 5s restaurante pia y damaso

tuesday people at greenbelt 5's restaurante pia y damaso


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