magnet people

magnet people by roger fritz

magnet people by roger fritz

I came across this article that talks about “magnet people.”

The Magnet People do not necessarily be that charismatic but rather they have the sincere, consistent qualities in interacting with others, while their actions are often motivated by unselfish motives.

It’s possible to attract others and instill respect and inspire loyalty to you.  According to Roger Fritz, author of Magnet People – Their Secrets and How to Learn From Them, here are the five main qualities of considerably, Magnet People:

1. They are genuine. They know who they are and therefore don’t need to pretend to be somebody else just to impress or fool anyone. A key component of being genuine is being trustworthy. People trust them, since they lead by example – “do as I do,” instead of “do what I say.”

2. They are diligent, persistent, and don’t mind the hard work. They persist, even when things look tough.

3. They are objective, asking questions such as “What are the facts?” and “Where is the evidence?” every time there is a problem to be solved or a decision to be made. They surround themselves with people who speak freely, ethically and honestly – No “Yes Men” allowed. They also focus on “What’s” wrong, not “Who’s” wrong. They value performance over seniority; and give the performers the biggest rewards.

4. They are unselfish, always remembering and appreciating the people behind the scenes who helped them. Humble about their own accomplishments, they are happy to celebrate the achievement of others. They validate the work of others “publicly,” often choosing a personal thank you over plaques and gift certificates (although these are nice too).

5. They are secure. Magnet People radiate confidence because they are sure of their ability to perform. This confidence produces “optimism” which contributes to the feeling others have when in their presence-a feeling of being uplifted. They are not afraid of constructive criticism; they don’t punish risk takers; they are comfortable with exploring new options and in delegating power.


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