a mutual relationship between coffee and women

granules fit for a growing lady

granules fit for a growing lady

It was surprising to know that according to study, coffee helps protect old women against age-related memory decline, whereas men do not enjoy the same benefit.

The study, which appeared in Neurology journal, covered 7,000 men and women in three French cities asking them about their health and mental conditions,  as well as their lifestyle. From it, the researchers found that women who drank 3 or more cups of coffee a day (or its caffeine equivalent in tea) had a 33% lower odds of having verbal memory decline; and 18% lesser chance of having both verbal and spatial memory decline.

Some experiments also imply that caffeine might block the buildup of proteins that lead to mental decline.

The researcher however, could not explain why only women benefited.  She guesses that women don’t metabolize coffee in the same way as men. She nonetheless wants to study these women further to confirm if caffeine can also delay dementia – a possible symptom that could lead to Alzheimer’s disease – and other brain disorders.

News source: www.reuters.com.  Repost from:perkyperps.multiply.com.

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